Connect is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its website to people with disabilities or major technical restrictions. However, we are not subject to the standard for developing a website that complies with the Standard on the accessibility of a website of the government of Quebec (SGQRI 008-01).

Not being subject to the standard, the Branchez-vous site nevertheless aims to comply as much as possible with the requirements of the three standards on Web accessibility.

Programming and technologies used

The site uses HTML5 markup language, CSS, and JavaScript. This site was developed with the WordPress content management system.

Structure and presentation

  • No frame is used.
  • No presentation board is used to lay out the site.


  • Links that open in a new window are designated by an icon.


  • Each informative image is accompanied by a text equivalent.
  • No light fluctuation or blinking with a rate greater than three times a second is used in the animations.


  • The site’s main menu is usable without JavaScript and is marked up using list items.
  • Links that open in a new window are designated by an icon.
  • No keyboard shortcut is integrated into the site.
  • Movements can be made using the Cursor keys or the Tab key on the keyboard.
  • No page refresh or context switch is done automatically.

Checking the accessibility of this site

This site has been verified with the following IT technologies:

  • No Visual Desk Accessibility (NVDA)
  • Firefox version 21
  • Google Chrome version 27
  • Safari 6
  • Internet Explorer version 7, 8 and 9
  • Opera 15


In the event that obstacles are encountered, we would be grateful if you could send us an email to this effect so that we can remedy them as soon as possible.