Pédophilie sur Internet: un Québécois condamné à 20 mois de prison


When Marcel Deslauriers was arrested on March 3, 2006, the police found six computers in his Longueuil residence containing one thousand photos and 280 videos of child pornography. Deslauriers, 29, pleaded guilty to possession, distribution and production of child pornography. He then collaborated with the police to arrest another pedophile he knew.

In addition to his prison sentence and his probation, Deslauriers will have to provide a DNA sample to the police and take steps to treat his deviance. He will also be prohibited from using a computer, going to public parks and being with children without adult supervision.

Operation Koala

According to the police, the chat room administered by Deslauriers is linked to a large network of 2,500 members, which has hit the headlines several times in recent months.

The dismantling of this network, active in Europe and North America, is part of a vast international police operation called “Koala”. Recently, nine Canadians who were members of the network were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Other major operations also took place in various countries, including the United States , the United Kingdom and Germany.

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